Cyber Security For Mining

CMS Consulting’s Cyber Security practice knows the mining industry has specific vulnerabilities that other industries do not. Automation is becoming ubiquitous and this is very much the case for mining because of its reliance on Industrial Control Systems and their integration with the Industrial Internet of Things. CMS helps mitigate these risks with its Five Phases of Perpetual Protection and its cutting edge Artificial Intelligence system.

The mining industry is unique in its complexity, the value of its data, the type of equipment, the scale of the operations and the nature of the environment that is being operated in. The data that a mining company has is very expensive with respect to money and time to obtain and it is of great value. Losing this data to a cyber spy could mean serious financial damage to the company and its shareholders. Mining requires complex critical communication infrastructure to ensure everything runs efficiently and most of all safely. This technology represents a significant risk if it is not addressed properly, lives can be placed at risk, competitors can get the upper hand and operations can brought to a standstill.

CMS will ensure these risks are being addressed with:

  • A cyber security program that is headed up by a top vCISO.
  • Top experts to assess and recommend improvements.
  • Monitoring systems and acting on threats.
  • Training staff to identify risks and act appropriately.
  • Communicating to the board the risks that they are responsible for.
  • Policy development.

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What Our Clients Say?

My experience with CMS Consulting stems from when we selected them as our sub-contractor responsible for providing expertise with respect to OpenText and more broadly enterprise content management. They became our sole supplier for ECM professional services on a project with a large, very important customer and we were impressed with the results.
CMS Consulting’s senior technical team has a very high level of technical and best practice expertise. Because of this choice our customer was happy and I only have good things to say about this company. It is a pleasure working with them. I would recommend CMS Consulting as a sub-contractor to other organizations or to anyone that would like the job done right.
The CMS team were professional, courteous, and knowledgeable in their approach and execution of the tasks at hand. Our project management dealings were directly with Andrew Brewer, who oversaw all aspects of the installation, configuration, testing, and acceptance processes. He and his staff were very thorough and worked to ensure that my team was fully engaged throughout the project.
CMS Consulting is technically strong, adaptable, responsive, and very easy to work with. They were extremely helpful in anticipating and mitigating risks to create a relatively complex solution that met our needs exactly, on budget and on time. This initial project has led to a great relationship with this company and their leadership. The only regret I have is that I did not work with them earlier.


AI and Machine Learning

CMS Consulting has two decades of experience when it comes to technology advancement and Innovation. We customize and personalize software or application with AI and Machine Learning to improve cyber security and information management capabilities that adapt to our client’s needs.

AI and Machine Learning
AI and Machine learning

Cyber Security

Our managed Cyber Security Services extend the security of your business by enabling extensive visibility, increased compliance, rapid response and the ability to manage vulnerabilities/cyber threats across the enterprise.

Enterprise Content Management

CMS Consulting is uniquely positioned to offer the best breed of Enterprise Content Management solutions focused on security. We are the right company to help you implement your systems and protect your sensitive information.

AI and Machine learning
AI and Machine learning

Cloud and Software Development

Let us help boost your organization’s efficiency by complementing your internal data center with the agility and cost-effectiveness of cloud computing technology.

CMS Consulting Inc. is proud to offer custom software development to help augment your organization’s operation. The sky is the limit.