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How to contact us to get involved!

Do you want to get involved? Are you interested in being a featured entrepreneur or charity? Do you think your winery could benefit from our exposure? Whatever your question or concern...let us know, because we want to hear from you. The various ways to contact our organization are listed below:

Traditional Methods

Founders & Organizers

Dianne Dianne McEvoy - Chair/Main Organizer/Founder

Phone: 250-488-2567

Owner of Falcon Business Services Inc. Email:


David MacCoubrey - Co-Chair/Organizer/Marketing Manager

Phone: 250-488-8781

Owner of Sirf Web Marketing Strategies



Gregory Fuchs - Board Member/Organizer/Service Contact

Phone: 250-302-8045 (May through Dec.)

Owner of Gregor's Gourmet


Social Media and Blog - We are social too...find us on your favorite social media site:

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